IIeX brings you a fresh channel to explore regional and global cutting-edge innovation in the rapidly evolving, data-driven consumer insights and marketing research industry.

We open the floor to both those driving change and those implementing it so that you can connect, share, collaborate, and experiment. Showcasing visionaries, influencers, and change agents from around the world and especially in LATAM, we will be exploring the implications of new technologies and methodologies transforming the Insight Function, as well as practical examples of how you can implement them as soon as you get back to your desk. This event is all about creating real impact with the technologies of the future, today.


Content is King. It’s all about delivering value via content. We pick out the best presentations; the ones that will help you understand the buzzwords and apply new methodologies and technologies that make sense for your business. Speakers get picked based on the merit of their ideas, not their marketing budget.

Innovators Run the Show. Clients have a need, and suppliers meet that need. Because suppliers are the ones creating innovative solutions within the marketplace, they are showcased. However, presentations aren’t salesy but focused on helping you understand and apply new solutions in a collaborative way.

Hard Work Pays Off. Although you may be excited about the opportunity to visit São Paulo, we must warn you that this conference will be hard work! Our goal is to get you up-to-speed on what’s happening in the space, so our program is fast-faced and intensive. You are going to learn a lot, be challenged, brainstorm, come up with lots of ideas, and leave ready to implement innovative technologies and best practices.

All About the “Next Big Thing.” Yes, we love innovation. And, we say “no more of the same old, same old.” We appreciate the element of surprise, and hope you will too. Our speakers are challenged too. We ask them to bring fresh ideas to the table and challenge our audience to think in new ways.

Collaboration is Key. Our conference modules are united by thematic elements and guide participants through an educational experience. We understand change is necessary, and give the best minds in the industry (yes, you!) a chance to work together to figure out the best way to get there.

Networking Rocks. As we’ve said before, we won’t lie; this is going to be hard work. However, we believe in the value of true interaction, brainstorming, and connecting both sides of the table. You will have lots of scheduled networking time during the day and in the evenings to interact informally and build solid business relationships.